Stretching with objects


I began applying the subject in the stretch, because at the same time you can solve several problems:
1. With the help of an object, you can distract the gymnast from the feeling of pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles that she experiences during stretching;

2. The subject allows the gymnast to perform stretching more qualitatively and not to avoid it as soon as the coach turns away;

3. And most importantly: in any exercise it is necessary to perform the basic elements, dance paths, skill, risks, to do it expressively with body movements, and reared, every movement must be with the work of the subject. If the object is held without movement or in a hard grip, this is static, and reduces the level and rating of the gymnast;

4. There are elements of jumps, there is not always an opportunity and it is possible to work out a more precise work of the subject at the time of the jump, because this element is short-lived and complex. And the gymnasts, especially the young ones, who do not yet have enough muscle mass, focus on the jump, and to a lesser extent on the work of the subject. It is possible to develop a good long jump with a gymnast, and there are many good exercises. But to work out the subject at the time of the jump - it was always not easy. I believe that at the moment of stretching, you can simulate different types of jumps and work with the subject as the object works at the time this element is executed. And you can complicate the work of the subject. Inserting the stretching with the object into the training process, I was convinced that the gymnasts had significantly improved the quality of the work at the time of the jump.

5. And the most important thing is that precious training time is not wasted, because at the same time the compulsory task is to stretch out, as the main section of the training, and the subject preparation, as an integral part of the performance of the elements (jump).

Very important!

- To exclude at the time of stretching medium and high throws to yourself or your partner, because at the moment of stretching the child can reach for the object and thereby create a discomfort and a traumatic situation.

- Everything must be done under the control of the coach, in game or competitive form, to monitor the quality and correct position of body parts.

- Move the subject from the simplest (balance the ball on the brush) and, as you master, gradually complicate the work (chops, rolls, ..)

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