«Живи на максимуме!
Достигай невозможного!»

Екатерина Пирожкова
Тренер России, Бразилии

Продукты Екатерины Пирожковой

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Видеоуроки по художественной гимнастике

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Точные пошаговые руководства для развития физических качеств гимнасток от 3-х до 7 лет

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Разбор упражнений на основе видео записи вашей тренировки.

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Учебно-тренировочные сборы по художественной гимнастике


Stretching with objects

Stretching with objects


I began applying the subject in the stretch, because at the same time you can solve several problems:
1. With the help of an object,…

My sports morning

My sports morning


The best and most profitable investment of means, energy and time is in yourself! Self-development, training, gaining experience, taking care…

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RG-training company is the official representative of the whole methodological
and video content produced by Ekaterina Pirozhkova.

Our goal: "We strive to help and raise the level of knowledge, skills and habits
in rhythmic gymnastics of coaches and athletes,
increasing the efficiency of lessons on the road to sports achievements."

We want every girl to improve her athletic results
on daily training sessions and be happy, delighting her coaches, relatives and friends."

Closer to success with each training!

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Anastasia Alexandrovna

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